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"Sherpa" Sail Training Expeditions

Sail Training Expeditions! Offshore and coastal.

Next season we are sailing in our favorite cruising grounds. Sailing along the coast are cozy anchorages that can be isolated or adjacent to a charming picturesque town. The seashore is beautiful and offers many natural sailing challenges such as commercial traffic, hidden rocks, weather patterns and fast-flowing currents.

Your training voyage is sure to include early mornings wake ups, rugged training drills, cozy accommodations, and most certainly an adventure like none other. Each crew member is expected to take part in all the daily responsibilities aboard including steering, navigating, standing watch, cooking, and anchoring, to name a few. And despite a of daily lessons, practical skills training, and drills.

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Next Atlantic Passage

  • Gibraltar -Maceio (Brazil)

    The Atlantic Crossing
    Sherpa Sailing Adventures has on offer individual berths on our yacht for this fantastic adventure. No experience is necessary and Sherpa will be carrying a mix of people with different abilities and goals. Whether you would just like to say you did it or you would like to do this Atlantic crossing to complete your Ocean passage then we have a berth for you.

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  • Canary Island - Cape Verde

    After a stop in Lanzarote, we will prepare ourselves for the final part of the voyage toMindelo - Cape Verde. This last part will probably be very pleasant. We will catch the northeast Trade wind and also the current will be favourable. At this moment we are so far to the south that the temperature will be very nice and we hope to cover the final 700 miles at a quick rate.

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  • Maceio - Florianopolis

    Brazil is one of the world's top nautical tourism destinations. Brazil has 8,000 Km (5,000 miles) of Atlantic coastline, with many tropical islands. Inland there are navigable rivers and, in some states, such as São Paulo, there are large lakes which are popular for sailing.

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  • Cabo Frio- Florianopolis

    Perhaps the most scenic stretch is the coastline between São Sebastiao Island in São Paulo State and Rio de Janeiro, where there are many protected anchorages, as well as stunning scenery.

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